The Worlds of Sarah J. Maas

After multiple recommendations from Book-Tok, yes that’s a thing! I succumbed to reading a fantasy book. Which quickly turned into reading a few fantasy series. Let me preference by saying I love a good book, but you will usually find me reading one of two things-Smut or Murder/Mystery books! There was no in-between for me, and usually I would get bored if I ventured outside those genres. I read the great literature books in school and college, I was an English major. I felt like I’ve served my time reading the PG books, and now I want to read stories that make my palms sweaty. Needless to say the fantasy books I dove into didn’t deprive me of making me squirm in my seat (in a good way). So with the promise of potential steamy scenes I started A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas.

After the first book I was obsessed! I loved the heroine of the story, and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Little did I know it was part of a series:

And of course what any Sarah J Maas fan is looking forward to this year, coming February 16, 2021:

After reading the series and preordering A Court of Silver Flames. To bid my time I decided to read Crescent City House of Blood and Ash. Unlike Court of Thorns and Roses, this was no easy read. The last 300 pages are phenomenal, and move much quicker than the first 500 pages (the book is 803 pages). Unfortunately you have to suffer through those 500 pages in order for the rest of the story to come together. I switched between Audible and good ole regular reading to keep everything straight. And no, I don’t think Audible is cheating. I have to work sometime!

Crescent City didn’t end in a cliffhanger, but there are some loose ends that I’m excited to see develop in the next book. The second book still has some mystery surrounding it, Untitled Crescent City #2 arriving November 2, 2021. Cover has yet to be revealed!

Sarah J Maas has yet another series called Throne of Glass that is 8 books long. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this series, that it can be hard to get into at times. I’ve decided to hold off on starting that series for now. I have too many ‘Want To Read’ on my Goodreads list!

Rumor has it that Crescent City is supposed to be the series that links the Throne of Glass and Court of Thorns and Roses universes together. I think that would be interesting to link all three series together in one book. I think if there are plots in the next Crescent City that I’m not understanding then I’ll go back and read Throne of Glass. And trust me I’ll be relying on Book-Tok to connect some dots I may have missed. If you’ve read the Throne of Glass series let me know if you think it’s worth it!

Anyone else get sucked into the Sarah J Maas universes? Let me know and what you’ve read so far!

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