Keep or Cancel: HBO Max

Just like the true movie goer who can’t go to the theater anymore to watch Wonder Woman 1984, I signed up for HBO Max. Besides Covid, I now have a 1 year old, so getting out of the house is even rarer nowadays. Review aside for Wonder Woman 1984, which wasn’t great but hey we haven’t had a big blockbuster movie to watch in a year (excuse me if I forgot one). I wanted to evaluate HBO Max as a whole, and decide if it’s really worth the $14.99/month. I’m on the struggle bus with this one. We are cable free in my house, so we have every other app to keep us and our little man entertained.

When anyone contemplates keeping something you break out the good old pro/cons list. So here we go!

Pros: Loads of movie options! New and old. I was able to watch Die Hard during Christmas-yes it’s a Christmas movie fight me! Then you’ve got the HBO original series like Sex and the City, Sopranos, Big Little Lies, and GOT. There are a few new series that I’m debating checking out like Euphoria. I know I’m behind on checking that series out.

Cons: The Biggest issue I had was when watching a series you are not able to start an episode over without rewinding-very slowly! My husband fell asleep during a series he was watching, a good 45 minutes into the next episode he stopped it. So when he went back, he couldn’t simply start the episode over. I have found this the same for movies as well when wanting to fast forward or restart. I took to Google for this issue, and I am not alone (not a user error)!

Despite missing a restart button, I have really enjoyed HBO Max. I can’t decide if I like it because it’s something new with more options, or if I’ve overkilled my Netflix and Disney+. Since maternity leave and then Covid I have watched my fair share of shows and movies. Please share your thoughts on keep or cancel!

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