Watchful Weekend!

We finally have some new releases as of today! Mortal Kombat was released today in theaters or you can watch on HBO Max. My husband and I are having our own date night at home, turning our living room into a make shift theater. I’ve already stocked up on all the movie theater candy we have been craving. One day we will go back to the real theaters, but with a toddler and Covid, we are making the best of it.

I know BookTok is very excited about Netflix’s release of Shadow and Bone. For those that don’t know this Netflix series is based off of a book series. I have not read it myself, so no insight from me! I figured if I liked the series enough on Netflix then I’d check out the books. I know that’s backwards logic to some dedicated book readers, but I’m not waiting to watch this!

This past Tuesday Jennifer Armentrout released her third book of the Blood and Ash series, The Crown of Gilded Bones. If you haven’t checked out this series yet, i highly suggest it. I am currently reading and listening on audible. Trying to soak up this book as fast as I can because I love this series! So when I’m not watching Mortal Kombat or Shadow and Bone series, and my toddler isn’t yelling at me for attention my head will be in this book!

What are you looking forward to watching this weekend? Or is your head in this book too? Let me know! BUT NO SPOILERS!

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