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Protecting You, an all-new angst-filled, single-parent romance from Lena Hendrix, is available now! 

One moment of hesitation and I lost Maggie forever.

Since then, we’ve spent the last 15 years in this small town circling each other and pretending neither remembers how right it felt when we were best friends. 

Now she’s a single mom and she doesn’t need a “broody, grumpy cop” like me complicating her life. No matter how many times her heated gaze scorches my skin, I can never have her in the way I want.


So I push her away—but it’s for her own good. 

Because if she knew the truth of what I did, she wouldn’t just have hurt feelings, she would truly hate me. 

She has a guarded heart and it’s all my fault. 

But I don’t have a heart at all. I gave it to Maggie O’Brien a long time ago.

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About Lena 

Lena Hendrix is the author of steamy, contemporary romance novels. Her love of romance started with her grandmother’s Harlequin paperbacks and now Lena’s stories are full of heart, humor, and plenty of strong Alphas with marshmallow insides-she likes her coffee hot and her heroes hotter!

Lena lives in the midwest with her husband, three children, and two derpy Australian Cattle Dogs.  When she’s not writing or devouring new novels, you can find her hiking, camping, fishing, and sipping a spicy margarita!

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