It’s Been A While

Once I got back from maternity leave in March, Covid-19 took over, and any plans of escaping my house went out the window! Any movie I was looking forward to this year has now been pushed to next year. So thank you Prime, Hulu, Disney + and Netflix for getting us through the rest of 2020!

Recently After We Collided (aka After 2) full trailer was released along with a US release date! October 2nd!! Yay! One movie I may venture out for or push me to spend the $20 on demand to watch it! (I’ll most likely end up buying it as soon as possible). Either way I’m looking forward to seeing how they adapted the second book to film. This second movie has increased the steamy scenes to get an R rating as promised by the book author, Anna Todd. This probably won’t be as steamy as 365 Days but hey I will take it!

Since there are no theatre movies presently to review, and a whole lot of nothing coming in the near future! I will be reviewing shows/films you can stream straight from home! Also I will be building a suggestion list of shows to binge by genre and what streaming network to access them from. Feel free to let me know your thought and suggestions on any films/shows you like!

My first suggestion being, no thank you Disney + I will not pay $30 extra to watch the new live action Mulan. Going to take a hard pass on that one! First off there’s no Mushu!! Then I know you don’t have the Christina Aguilera version of Reflection. Also due to the #metoo movement they’re not including I’ll Make a Man Out of You. Can you imagine if that song came out today?! And lastly, No Mushu! Okay end of rant!

Stay tuned and stay safe!

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